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Monday, April 27, 2009

Siding and Trim

Starting to look like something! We're happy with the
soft teal siding and mustard trim. It's going to get complicated
when we get to the frieze boards and dentils high above.
We're playing with color samples now trying to stay one step ahead of the painter...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Some neighbors and friends....

This is Michelle LaLonde, owner of Mimosa Gallery at 70C
Beekman Street. She has fabulous taste and we asked her
to help us with color selection for the interior walls. We are going
with different shades of light yellowish to blueish greens, from spring willow
to pistachio. You can see her lovely collection of objects for home at Thank you, Michelle!!

This is Amejo Amyot sitting in the front gallery of her
79 Beekman Street studio. We call her the "Diva of Beekman Street"
because she started this whole movement of local artists
renovating run-down buildings in the area and using them
for live and work spaces. We credit her with inspiring us to undertake
this project many years ago....You can see her work and upcoming
events at Thank you, Amejo!!

Front facade facing Grand Ave. Need to add another
shed roof portion on the right to balance. Metal roof to match
original is ordered and on it's way.