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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some Neighborhood Buildings

Here's a photo from our West Side Festival which takes place every September. The red building is 70 Beekman St which was completely renovated early this decade and houses an Art Gallery and a very special shop called Mimosa owned by Michelle and Michael LaLonde. One part of the shop specializes in fine craft accessories for home and wear, the other is a painting and art furniture gallery. It is a must-stop on Beekman Street.

Our next door neighbor on Grand Ave. Needs some TLC, nice Victorian details...

Beekman Artists Co-op at 79 Beekman St.
This building houses clay artists on the first floor and painters on the second floor.
Beautiful outdoor sculpture garden, perfect for pleine air events in the spring and summer.

As requested from one of our followers, here are some other buildings in the neighborhood.
You can see they range from mid 1800's federal style to Victorian to 21st century! It is an eclectic mix which is what we love about the West Side...
Here is the home of Phinney Architects (built in 2004), Feast Gallery, and on the bottom floor, The Local Pub and Teahouse. 142 Grand Ave across the street from us.


Toshiki and Maryszka said...

Really nice area. I would definitely love to visit and shop here! No wonder you are so excited by this project.

Cecilia said...

Next time I'll post pics of the other 2 restaurants down the block (both restored buildings from the
1800's) and an exquisite flower shop. Come up this summer for a personal tour!!