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Saturday, May 16, 2009

"I could have danced all night!"

A corner of the front gallery space. It absolutely glows!

Nick and Gary are finishing up the flooring in the back room which will house our cutting table.
We only wish that we didn't have to cover any square footage with equipment. This floor is meant for dancing!!

Gary arrives to install the gorgeous floor boards he salvages
from old Pennsylvania barn beams. He fabricates tongue and groove lengths from these strips,
then finishes them with 3 coats of poly before installing them. We love his artistry as much as his 200 year old reclaimed flooring.


Toshiki and Maryszka said...

UNbelievable! I thought it was new flooring. What a job. Beautiful!

Mike Cooney said...

Hey Richard and Cecilia,

Imagine my delight when I happened to see this site. We moved up to Columbia County, as once dreamed of in the 1980s, and are not far off. All the best with your new workshop. Hope to get together for the grand opening thereof.