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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Designing new samples

In preparation for our trade show at New York Gift next month, I'm designing a couple new style scarves for fall. Here are some process shots showing multiple colorways side by side to work out warp and fill formats and colors on smaller size swatches before weaving full-size scarf samples. This is the kind of creative work that I wish I had more time's so much fun to play with color and switch out yarns to get  unusual color crossings. After the swatch blanket is complete, we all examine it and decide which swatches work best to make up the new collection.

Scarf swatch blanket- 3 colorways side by side, changing some of the warp colors

Arranging cones at the warping board for sample swatch blanket

View from the lease pegs of the warping board looking down at yarn cones- 4 colorways warped side by side

Scarf swatch blanket with 4 colorways side by side. This weave has 2 different colored fills so many times the crossings (weft or fill colors that are different than the warp colors)are more interesting than the true fills(fill colors that are the same as the warp colors)

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