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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Smithsonian Craft Show April 2012

Our week in Washington was wonderful!  We spent the week of April 17th in the glorious National Building Museum at the one and only Smithsonian Craft Show.  Exhilarated and exhausted, we came home with a pile of orders and a whole lot less inventory... thank you to the Smithsonian Women's Committee and our patrons for another incredible show!


Elena Rosenberg Wearable Fiber Art said...

This must be THE most beautiful venue for a fine craft show. Great to see these (almost aerial) photos and glad to hear you had a great show!

(I recently re-discovered your site and signed up to follow your blog. We met briefly at CraftNewYork in 2011. I was just visiting the show and contemplating getting into the world of fine craft fairs. Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me about your experience then!)

Cecilia said...

Thanks for your comments Elena. The Building Museum is truly spectacular and we were very honored to be exhibiting at this show. If you're interested, I make more frequent posts on our FB page "Textile Studio, Saratoga Arts District" but I will try to keep the blog updated now that our busy spring show schedule has finished.

Loretta Fontaine (EcoHappy Blog) said...

Cecilia- I never realized how beautiful that show looked! What an honor for you to be there!