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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Laundry Day

July is the month we usually get serious about fall scarf production. We've collected orders from shops and galleries since February, entered the data in our computer system, and printed out inventory reports specifying how many of each style is needed by each account and by when. In the "old" days (80's and very early 90's) I would chart the orders on huge pieces of graph paper.... I'm so glad the computer compiles all this data for us effortlessly we can concentrate on designing and weaving!

After the warps come off the loom, we launder them to give them a lived-in softness. Here they're drying on our railing on a breezy July day. When dry, the long warps will be cut into individual scarves, steam-pressed, sewn, unfringed, labeled, then boxed up and sent to specialty shops around the country.

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